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  • Rockville Educational Article of the Month - Methods To Trap A Rockville Beaver

Methods To Trap A Rockville Beaver

The market is loaded with a variety of traps that you can use to deal with the Maryland beaver’s problem, but buyers often find it difficult to pick the right one. Experts advise using live traps that cannot cause any harm to the rodent but can help homeowners to take it out of the premises with ease. However, in order to be successful with the trapping process, it is important to ensure careful positioning of trap and right bait selection as well. Below we have highlighted few essential details about how to trap a beaver:

Choose the right trap:
First of all, you need to choose the right trap for the Rockville beavers on your premises. The best advice is to use live traps as they are durable and can support any size/weight of animal with ease. Your trap must be as large as the animal fits comfortably inside it and the internal edges of the trap must be smooth enough so that beaver do not face any discomfort inside.

Determine the right location:
Beavers have fixed travel patterns, and they follow the same path to move around in the property. In order to capture these creatures; the best idea is to place the trap in their travel path. The animal will definitely come across it and if it finds the trap and baits interesting, it will definitely step up to explore and will be soon captured inside.

Use right bait:
In order to ensure satisfactory results, the best idea is to use effective bait in your trap. Note that Maryland beavers find branches and twigs attractive and prefer to jump fast to consume them. You have to position the bait appropriately behind the trigger so that as soon as beaver tries to get the bait, it gets trapped inside due to the instant trigger mechanism.

Check it often:
Once you have set up a trap in your premises, it is good to check it time to time because if a Rockville beaver stays in the trap for a long time, it may get dehydrated, hungry and anxious. In such a situation, it may even lose its life, so it is better to check the trap more often so that you can release the animal as soon as possible. Before you set up a trap to capture Maryland beavers, it is important to understand the behavior of these creatures. Experts reveal that it is important to maintain patience for trapping beavers because these creatures are cage shy and it takes a long time to attract them towards a trap. You need to observe the area that they visit more often and then set up the trap in such a way that beavers get attracted towards it. Note that beavers are smart, and they can easily detect the danger; they often prefer to avoid unfamiliar objects. You can make it the trap less visible to them by covering it with vegetation and dirt. As soon as the animal is captured inside, take it to a far location from where it cannot find a path to return.

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