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  • Rockville Educational Article of the Month - Types of Rockville Rabbit Repellents and How Do They Work?

Types of Rockville Rabbit Repellents and How Do They Work?

There are two types of Rockville rabbit repellents in general that you can use to keep your home safe from these pesky creatures. The first type of rabbit repellents produces an unbearable smell that rabbits hate and the second type of repellents are based on bad taste that can help to eradicate rabbits out of the premises. You can also find many commercial products on the market, but they usually tend to be costlier, and you can’t be sure about their effectiveness as well. So, there is no point in spending huge money to buy them. Moreover, some of those products contain harmful chemicals that can cause health hazards for your pets as well. Hence, the homemade repellents can be considered as a valuable choice to deal with the rabbit problem. Below we have highlighted details about some of the most commonly used rabbit repellents that you may think of using at your home.

Garlic powder and hot chili:
It is possible to make a potential repellent by mixing hot chili powder with garlic powder. Once you mix these ingredients together, add some water to it and keep the mixture as it is for at least two-three days. Now strain it and add few drops of liquid dishwashing soap. It is time to spray the solution in the flower gardens and on the vegetable plants to keep Maryland rabbits away.

Tabasco sauce and cayenne pepper:
Another home-based repellent can be prepared by mixing tabasco sauce, cayenne peppers, water and dishwashing soap. Some people also prefer to add Elmer’s glue to this spray and then spread it in the target area to scare rabbits away.

Garlic and Egg:
Studies reveal that Maryland rabbits have a strong sense of smell and they too have their own likes and dislikes about it. Most of these creatures do not like the smell of garlic and egg so you can take advantage of this behavior. The idea is to mix garlic, egg, milk, Tabasco sauce, and liquid dishwashing soap to create a spray and then use it in your garden to keep rabbits away.

Detergent and Linseed oil:
Many people have taken benefits of using this home-based repellent that can be made by simply mixing linseed oil into the water and few drops of detergent. Note that the proportion of oil must be much greater than that of the detergent and water. It can ensure effective results to deal with the Rockville rabbit problem.

You might have heard about the unlimited benefits of vinegar solution. It is one of the most commonly used ingredients in the kitchen, but the great news is that it can help you to get rid of rabbits as well. The idea is to place corn cobs dipped in vinegar in the area affected by Rockville rabbit attacks. Some homeowners also prefer to mix egg and vinegar to deal with the broader garden. Although these methods are being used by several homeowners in the United States, we cannot guarantee their effectiveness. They lose their potential within very less time, especially in the rainy season, and then rabbits find their way again to your garden.

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